The Orpehus Social tokens being sold as part of the Token Sale are a functional part of the blockchain-driven platform de-scribed herein. The Social tokens are neither designed nor expected by us to increase in value over time. The Orpheus tokens are not intended to be an "investment opportunity" of any kind and should not be perceived as one by purchaser. They are not intended to be treated as a "security" in any jurisdiction and, by purchasing tokens, you acknowledge this position. Instead, Oroheus Social tokens are simoly software - computer code that vou will store in electronic format and which will allow token purchasers to interact with and to take advantage of the many features that will be part of our new platform. Orpheus Social tokens are part of our product which we are very proud of and by purchasing social tokens, you will become part of our community and will be able to interact with others around the world who we hope will be using our platform and being part of the community. We ask that you respect our position and help us build a successful multi art community by not referring to or treating the Orpehus tokens in any way inconsistent with this position. Recipient expressly acknowledges and agrees that it is the position of Orpheus that the Token Sale is not intended to be an offering of securities or an investment transaction, and this Whitepaper is not intended to form the basis of, or to induce, any investment or financing decision with respect to the Token Sale. to form the basis of anv contract or constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase securities or any other product, and does not constitute and should not be con-sidered as any form of recommendation-or opinion or legal, financial, tax, investment or other advice whatsoever.